Watches on screen: Seiko M516-4009 ‘Voice Note’


They didn’t make too many of these when it was first launched in 1983, but a year later it gained worldwide fame as the watch that the Ghostbusters wore.

In the film it was used to pick up “Electronic Voicewatch Phenomena” but in reality its key feature was the ability to record messages of eight or four seconds by speaking directly into the built-in microphone. Inside there was a (impressive for the time) 16k solid state RAM memory that preserved your verbal notes. The first of which was probably, “note to self – buy a proper Dictaphone.”

Worth noting, however, is the casing of carbon-fibre and stainless-steel, as the use of carbon fibre was relatively rare in watches back in the early ’80s, thus adding to the feel that this was something high-tech and futuristic.


For Esquire watch book – Spring 2014

For original PDF click here – Ghostbusters

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