The best bacon sandwich in Britain right now…


I’ve eaten more bacon rolls, sandwiches and butties than is probably good for me. Or anyone. From five-star hotel to dockside café and most places in-between I’m speaking from experience and a lot of research. And although the conclusion is always an opinion, it’s one I’m clinging to – at least until something better can change my mind. But right now, the best bacon sandwich in Britain is the one that is part of the breakfast menu at HIX restaurant at Brown’s Hotel in London.

That’s it pictured above. It many not look like much, but it’s got it where it counts.

The menu lists it as “The Irish bacon sandwich, a Moira soda farl with Peter Hannan’s guanciale”. Soda bread is one of Northern Ireland’s gift to the world and with the bacon sandwich it’s the perfect accompaniment. The bread is lightly crisp but doesn’t flake everywhere like French bread, while the butter has soaked in, making it softer and rich on the inside.


For the bacon itself, the restaurants uses “guanciale” which is from Ulster. It’s won accolades (including 41 Great Taste awards in the past three years) and if you want to know more about it then this feature here is well worth a read.

Access to this bacon sandwich doesn’t come cheap. Yeah, there’s a catch, there always is. It’s part of the English Breakfast menu which will set you back 35 quid. Of course, you get a lot more than a bacon roll and cup of coffee.


And it really is a lovely place to sit and have breakfast.

imgres 11-microsite-7-hix-mayfair-1-landing-top-banner-1-1600x768

Of course, if you’re after something cheaper then the second best bacon roll in Britain can be obtained for under two quid, but the catch is you have to go to Jersey in the Channel Islands to get it. It’s from here at the Quayside Cafe down on the harbour in St Helier. The place is mostly frequented by dockers, workmen or people going straight there at 6am after a big night out. It’s an entirely different type of bacon roll. For a start it’s in the more typical hot dog style roll and the bacon itself is not as celebrated. In fact, it’s probably pretty cheap stuff, but there;s something to the flavour and texture combined that works better there than pretty much anywhere else.



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